Thursday 10 April 2008

Grey skies, red nose

Corner rue des Lices / rue Noël Biret
Grey skies yesterday but a red nose is enough to cheer me up. This little fellow is located directly across from the cool girl I showed you yesterday. There she is on site. They face each other in a street hardly 12 feet wide. Do you think Mickey Mouse is spying on her? What's going on between these two?

Journée grise hier, mais un nez rouge suffit à me rendre ma bonne humeur. Ce Mickey espion se trouve dans une petite rue étroite, exactement en face de la jeune fille que je vous avais montrée hier. La voici in situ. Entre eux, à peine les quatre mètres de la largeur de la ruelle. Que se passe-t-il entre ces deux là ? Croyez-vous qu'il l'espionne ?
Quote of the day:
"There's nothing funnier than the human animal". Walt Disney (source: )

Citation du jour : "Il n'est rien de plus drôle que l'animal humain". Walt Disney

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Anonymous said...

Citation du jour : « Il n'est rien de plus triste que l'animal humain. »

Anonymous said...

Translation of Michel Benoit's comment:
Quote of the day: There's nothing's sader than the human animal".

If you look at his blog today (video surveillance cameras in Avignon), you will understand why he's in no Disneyland mood...

Sally said...

Loving those exposed wires? pipes?

Sally said...

Oooh, video surveillance there as well as everywhere else. Spreading like a plague.

Anonymous said...

Tout n'est pas à jeter chez Disney, loin de là. Mais ce que la société d'aujourd'hui en fait, de Disney, c'est du somnifère pour les veaux.

Kris McCracken said...

I never liked Mickey Mouse. He sounded like he was on too many mood stablisers.

Lovely photos!

Pod said...

bonjour madame!
yes i am still here. having some challenges this year so far...but hopefully all with positive outcomes. however, it has meant that i haven't had time or inspiration to make pictures. poop! i think of you every time i pass the chocolate shop, and wonder 'ou est madame? ou? ou?'
hope you're well. i shall try to pay more attention

Anonymous said...

Michel, another quote by Walt Disney that I find quite terrible in fact:
"I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known."

Anonymous said...

Terrible ? Yes ! How many men dreaming woman as a thing...?

Rob said...

Creative photos. I believe Mini Mouse is jealous of the grafitti girl Mickey Mouse is spying on. ;)

Anonymous said...

j'adore ton mickey et ta jolie jeune fille qui semble se demander quand elle va pouvoir sortir du mur pour aller téléphoner tranquillement à son amoureux...(voir la photo précédente...)


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