Friday, 27 June 2008

Avignon Film Festival

Cinema Vox
The party is also on at Cinema Vox : yesterday saw the opening of the 25th Avignon Film Festival which will run from 25-29 June 2008. Founder and President Jerome Henry Rudes (pictured) describes this Euro-American event as a "crossroads of independent cinema", celebrating richness and diversity but also international friendship and open cultural exchange. The hope is to give independent moviemakers on both sides of the Atlantic a chance to meet, exchange ideas, develop friendships and showcase innovative and thought-provoking movies. Over the years, the Avignon Film Festival has hosted many famous film-makers. If you happen to be in Avignon over the next four days, check out the program here or the Made in Avignon website, your guide to local events. Good to know for my American readers: a twin event takes place in NYC every year in November: the Avignon/New York Film Festival.

C'est aussi la fête au Cinéma Vox : hier a vu l'ouverture du 25ème Avignon Film Festival qui se déroulera du 25 au 29 juin. Le président et fondateur du festival, Jerome Henry Rudes (en photo) décrit ces rencontres cinématographiques américano-européennes comme un carrefour du cinéma indépendant, célébrant non seulement la richesse et la diversité mais aussi l'amitié internationale et les échanges culturels. Le but est de permettre aux cinéastes indépendants des deux côtés de l'Atlantique de se rencontrer, d'échanger des idées, de développer des amitiés et de faire découvrir au public un cinéma innovant et critique. Depuis vingt-cinq ans l'Avignon Film Festival a accueilli beaucoup de grands noms du cinéma. Si vous êtes à Avignon dans les prochains jours, consultez le programme ici ou sur Made in Avignon, le guide de vos sorties à Avignon. Bon à savoir pour mes lecteurs américains : le festival a un jumeau aux USA, le Avignon/New York Film Festival qui a lieu tous les ans à Manhattan en novembre.
Avignon Film Festival - photos - New York & Avignon Film Festival photos


Bob Crowe said...

I'll be in New York in seven days but sadly, Avignon, no. I like the second, B&W pic a lot. It's a really good portrait, full of the energy of his personality. Interesting that the text on his tee shirt is in English.

NYC's Ming the Merciless and I will be meeting in NYC on Saturday, 5 July. Who knows what blog posts could follow?

Anonymous said...

C'était donc ça tous ces gens, qui parlaient américian, un verre à la main, hier soir sur le trottoir de la place de l'horloge...

Dina said...

"If you happen to be in Avignon"--ho-ho I WISH!
And the balloons on the old door are out of this world!

Bergson said...

Avec ce soleil les salles obscurs vont être pleines.

Quel beau portrait ta première photo.

Anonymous said...

Eh oui Chriscot, c'était donc ça !

PeterParis said...

Unfortunately I "don't happen to be in Avignon" the next couple of days (later, yes)! In the meantime I will be elsewhere for a couple of days. I trust you will see a lot of the films?

Nathalie H.D. said...

Yes Peter, I will. They have a fantastic system where you pick up a free card and pay only 10 euros for 5 movies - that's 2 euros a ticket. How good a deal is that!

Oui Peter j'ai bien l'intention d'y aller. Il y a une carte gratuite qui permet d'assister à 5 séances pour 10 euros, soit 2 euros la place. Qui dit mieux ?

Anonymous said...

RAW is hard for me to explain. Here is a link.

Thanks to you and others, I get a big lift out of trying to outdo myself and post things that may surprise some and make others laugh a bit and most of all make lots of people aware of things that might not know much about.

When somebody actually takes the time to write a comment about my work and what I do, that to me is the biggest gift a person can give another. It is a smile on greeting, it is a welcome handshake, and it gives me and my family some hope that the dementia farm is still down the road.

You, yourself, are an inspiration to me. I come back not only to say, "thanks for visiting and leaving a comment" but thanks for taking the time to photograph things of interest and great beauty. Without that, blogging would be about as exciting as a wart on the end of my nose.

So, thanks for stopping at my blog. And rest assured, when you do, I will always try to visit your blog, in return, and leave a comment on your blog. I might not think your photography is ready for the masterpiece award, but it got my attention.


Abraham Lincoln
oldmanlincoln in Brookville, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Sounds vibrant and exciting. I like seeing these events bring artists into the community. We have one in East Lansing too!

Marcel said...

I wish I could be in Avignon to check out the Film Fest, but alas that is not to be.

Thanks for your visits to my blog and all your kind words.

Enjoy the Film Festival.

claude said...

Moi qui aime bien le cinéma, je ne savais même pas qu'il y avait un festival du Ciné à Avignon, Quelle nulle que je suis ! J'espère que tu nous donnera le nom du lauréat.
Bon festival à toi !

Jilly said...

What a fabulous portrait. Love that the face is lit and the background isn't.

Anonymous said...

Jilly it was extremely difficult because of the dappled shadows of the plane trees above: one moment his face was overexposed, the second it was in the dark. Most of my photos ended in the bin.

Cergie said...

Que ce soit sur le portrait en "couleurs" qui n'a pas besoin de la couleur, ou celle du papillon N&B, la lumière est magnifiquement utilisée pour mettre en valeur par le jeu d'ombre les "sujets"...

Anonymous said...

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