Thursday 24 March 2011

From single to crowd

Fort St André, Villeneuve lès Avignon
Du singulier au pluriel, l'éclosion.


Nad kevin said...

Une beauté qui éclore
Je vous souhaite une bonne journée

Babzy.B said...

superbe la première !

Pensées au fil de l'eau said...

La Nature est un délice qui se savoure à tous les instants

Merci de se partage

jeandler said...

En bout de branche
seule elle tente le printemps
ses soeurs moqueuses

Tilia said...

Du simple au multiple
une belle explosion,
ils sont tout mignons
ces petits poussins !

Olivier said...

la deuxieme photo t'eclate à la figure, elle est tres belle

Michel Benoit said...

And here comes the plower fower !
Hips !

chri said...

Oui, oui, oui! Pourquoi? Parce que!

Thérèse said...

Delicat et frais!

Virginia said...

Just when I think we are so different , it seems we are so alike! :)

crederae said...

ah chère Nathalie, c'est une magnifique photo-j'adore la tension entre le noir et le blanc-le message du ciel comme une promesse- meme si les conditions sont difficiles.


crederae said...

well if I seem to be confused it is because of the beautiful first post.

claude said...

JOlie ta deuxième photo. Je surveille de près les bourgeons de mon cerisier.
Super belle ta photo d'avant avec ce ciel orangé.

Jilly said...

Beautiful, beautiful shots. I took some the other day in the Japanese Gardens and have rejected them. These are superbe! I love that first one against the dark background. Clever stuff!

Delphinium said...

Je préfère la première photo. :-) Mais les deux sont très belles, bien sûr, comme d'habitude. C'est le printemps mais je pense que chez nous, la neige va s'inviter à nouveau pendant le mois d'avril. En tous les cas quelle belle semaine nous avons vécu!

Caro du Jallouvre said...

ça fait plaisir de revoir bourgeonner les arbres ;)

ruma said...

Bonjour, Nathalie.

Thank you for your love and sincerity.
I cannot take your words without my tears.

We did not know the true character of the object which we made.
We have done irreparable thing.
The monster of the uncontrollability. . .

I am ashamed for world friends in our ignorance.
I apologize to world friends as Japanese one.
However, you do not need to forgive Japan which polluted the earth.
Because this result is last arrival point of way which ourselves chose.

The tsunami is the creation of the Nature.
The monster is the creature of the Man.

This tragedy is already too enough.
The fire fighting workers who prepared for death...
The citizens who avoid radioactivity, and wander...

The monster is Absolutely unnecessary.
Convenience. Luxury. Comfort. more, and more...
Even if I was robbed of all of them, I am enough if there is the beautiful earth.
I accept the misfortune with pleasure.

The beauty of the Nature which you show.
After our tragedy, I recognized them like the complete jewels.

I deeply thank for your warm heart and thoughts...

From Japan, ruma

Nathalie H.D. said...

Oh Ruma how wise are your words.

Yes nature is what it is, ruthless and dangerous sometimes, but man creates its own catastrophies through greed and lack of thought.
We in France have nuclear energy and are selling our "perfectly safe" technology to the world, I feel bad about that. There are so many other sources of energy, clean ones, that we could work on. And then we could also learn to use less energy. I would dearly love to see our world move towards less consumption and more wisdom.

I know many people around the world share these thoughts - but they are not the ones who are holding the economy.
I hope we win.

Take care Ruma


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