Thursday 27 March 2008

No surf in Avignon

A tightly cropped detail of a garage door in rue Bonnetterie, a push in contrast, here's the catch of the day.

Cadrage serré sur une porte de garage rue Bonnetterie, poussée des contrastes, c'est la trouvaille du jour.

Congratulations to Alex and Corentin who came up with the correct answer yesterday: yes this is Rip Curl's logo - famous Australian makers of surfing wetsuits and surfwear. A tiny bit of surfboard on the left gave a clue. The Search refers to all surfers' never-ending worldwide quest for THE ultimate perfect wave. The Rip Curl Pro surfing contest is on at the moment at Bells Beach, south of Melbourne,Victoria (17-29 March 2008). Sea, surf and sun - I can't think of an environment more remote from the urban and grey façade shown in my photo. Surfwear is very popular with Avignon's teenagers; is it the same where you live ?

Félicitations à Alex et Corentin qui ont donné la bonne réponse : oui, il s'agit du logo de Rip Curl, célèbre fabricant australien de combinaisons de surf et de lignes de vêtements pour surfeurs. L'amorce d'une planche de surf à gauche donnait un indice. The Search représente la recherche insatiable par les surfeurs de La Vague Parfaite sur toutes les mers du globe. Le championnat Rip Curl Pro se déroule actuellement à Bells Beach, au sud de Melbourne dans le Victoria (du 17 au 29 mars 2008). Sea, surf and sun, un univers bien éloigné des strictes façades grises et urbaines de ma photo d'hier ! Les vêtements de marque de style surfeur sont assez à la mode chez les jeunes d'Avignon. C'est la même chose chez vous ?


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting photo. The hint of lettering and color adds to the charm.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

Olivier said...

j'aime bien ce coté vieillot , cela fait vieille ferme je trouve.
A Evry, non pas trop de surfeur ;o)

Gaëlle said...

Jolie trouvaille ! J'aurais du passer faire un tour hier j'aurais trouvé aussi... même si mon truc c'est plus la neige que l'eau !

Volmon said...

Thank you for dropping by - and for your incredibly high praise!

I'm glad you enjoyed today's edition. It's always a thrill to find the right combination of text and image.

You will be pleased to learn that my post on Constable's clouds is only the first of a series, which will culminate in a few weeks time with an extract from an essay I am working on about the similarities and differences between these modest, meditative works and Monet's moody, neo-Romantic seascapes painted at Etretat in the 1880s.

Yes, I agree, a referendum on the Serero project would be both impractical and irritating, especially given the fact that their design is for a temporary, not a permanent, embellishment.

The title of my blog is something I get asked about on almost a daily basis. The truth of the matter is that it began life as the code name for a screenplay I wrote based on Italo Calvino's 'Baron in the Trees'. The reason I eventually adopted it as the moniker of my blog is that it encapsulates a paradox which I have always found fascinating and full of productive potential: namely, the fact that our capacity for reason can never completely counteract our animal instincts - which, to my mind, is (as Voltaire himself might say) the best of all possible scenarios. We may be the most confused - and confounding - creatures on the planet, but we are also the most interesting.

Mmm, I know exactly what you mean when you say, 'I can't think of life without flânerie, and it gets more and more important in my life as I get older.' As a matter of fact, now that I have reached what I hope is the mid-point of my life, I have come to realise that flânerie is the perfect means by which to reflect on - and even remember - the present while it is still happening.

I would like to conclude this mini rant by quoting Jean-Luc Godard, who recently said that he would need an eternity to talk about a single hour of cinema! Now, that may be an exaggeration of galactic proportions (indeed, I'm sure it is), but the sentiment behind it is exquisitely sane and modest. To do critical or poetic justice to even the smallest of great things requires that we abandon all fear of ever thinking or saying everything that can possibly be thought or said about a given thing, person, idea or event. To do this, however, is to commit ourselves to interminable, intolerable, and inexcusable dullness. Hence:

'The secret of being boring is to say everything.' (Voltaire)

By the way, you've delivered a collection of absolutely STUNNING photos this week!!

Marie-Noyale said...

J'adore le bois sous toutes ses formes ,au naturel ,ou peint..
Les reflets du soleil sur ces restes de peinture font ressortir la veine du bois..
C'est souvent dans les petits details que l'on trouve les choses les plus interressantes.
Bonne soirée.

Kate said...

Well, some of the comments have been almost as interesting as your photo, But NOT QUITE! Love the artsy aspect of it.

Unknown said...

Et pourtant on voit des surfeurs du cote de Boston, mais bon "surfing wetsuits and surfwear" ce n'est pas vraiment mon rayon ;-)
Est-ce toi l'ombre derriere le grand V? ;-)
C'est tres chouette ce melange de 3couleurs, de lettres et de mots.

Anonymous said...

Oui vraiment une trouvaille, il faut avoir l'oeil curieux pour dénicher cela!

Jilly said...

How absolutely beautiful, Nathalie. Love it.

I missed yesterday's post but wouldn't have known the answer. Another lovely pic.

I answered your question on Menton - The Paraphernalia of a Picnic as best I could. Briefly, I don't know what that water is, but suspect it is in fact the handle of a bag. Take another look and see if you agree. I was hoping no one would ask the question, cos I don't really know. It can't be water, can it?

Nathalie H.D. said...

Thanks to you who said they enjoyed this photo. I pesonally like it very much.

Jilly, the handle of a bag? Maybe, maybe... I've looked again and I'm only half convinced. What a strange one!

Anonymous said...

jolie photo de matière.

M.Benaut said...

J'aime beaucoup les belles, vieilles, planches quand on les emploie pour faire des portes, et spécialement quand elles ont des centaines d'années de vieille peinture.
J'aime faire des tables en utilisant des planches comme cela.


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