Monday 22 February 2016

Le chemin des poubelles

Rue du bourg neuf, Avignon
Which way to the bin? You won't get lost, just follow the trail.
Où sont les poubelles ? Vous ne vous perdrez pas, suivez la ligne blanche.


Nathalie H.D. said...

I have known the time when people were asked to leave their rubbish bags a their door on the pavement after 7pm, it would be collected overnight. They are now asked to use the large collective rubbish bins which have been placed at strategic locations around town. However in an old city like Avignon it's sometimes hard to find suitable locations, hard to get people to change their habits too, and many people still drop their bags at their door, and sometimes much earlier than 7pm. Recyclables (paper, plastic and metal) are collected on certain days of the week only. They should be placed in specific yellow bags that are transparent so the staff can check the contents before uploading them. These bags (as well as black ones for standard rubbish) are provided FOC by the town hall services upon presentation of a proof of address.

William Kendall said...

Someone seems to have spilled something.


Où le chauffeur de poubelles à roulettes, n'est pas à jeu, où la rue est trop étroite et, forcément, le visuel est catastrophique.

chri said...

Quelle idée aussi de jeter de la farine en poubelle!

Kate said...

I could easily ignore the bags if I could stroll down this street.

Michel Benoit said...

Mince, je ne trouverais jamais de paille assez grosse !
(Con, tes nerfs...)


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