Thursday, 4 February 2016

The lovers

 Place du palais, Avignon
Winter in Avignon. There's no season for being in love.
Hiver avignonnais. Il n'y a pas de saison pour être amoureux.


William Kendall said...

An incredible setting. Terrific shot!

│ˉˉˉˉ│ˉˉˉˉ│∩│ˉˉˉˉ│ˉˉˉˉ│∩│ˉˉˉˉ│ˉˉˉˉ│∩│ˉˉˉˉ│ˉˉˉˉ│∩│ˉˉˉˉ│ˉˉˉˉ│∩│ˉˉˉˉ│ˉˉˉˉ│∩│ˉˉˉˉ│ˉˉˉˉ│∩│ˉˉˉˉ│ˉˉˉˉ│ said...

Yes but the storm is brewing... o.O

claude said...

Un doux amour sous un ciel tourmenté.

Helen said...

Fabulous image.

Bob Crowe said...

But it's so much more uninhibited, innocent, natural and unashamed in France. Such scenes tend to be either more fiery or concealed in the US.

chri said...

Quel que soit le ciel, il est bleu pour ceux qui s'aiment! Quelle belle image, Nathalie!!!


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