Wednesday 26 October 2011

Red curtains

Rue d'Amphoux, AvignonRed curtains ? There's a theatre below, Les Ateliers d'Amphoux. The large terrace upstairs could almost be a stage. I wouldn't be all that surprised to see an actor appear at the balcony in Commedia dell'arte robe and mask!

Des rideaux rouges ? En bas c'est un théâtre, les Ateliers d'Amphoux. La terrasse au premier étage en prend des airs de scène de plein air. On s'attendrait presque à voir surgir au balcon un acteur en costume de commedia dell'arte !


Olivier said...

il y aussi un cote tres italie du sud dans ta photo said...

Never would have guessed that is a theater. This might be described as "Way Off- Off-Broadway."

nathalie said...

Yes Dave, what a great name !
Yes, definitely :-)
Avignon's maze of old streets is full of such theaters which are no more than refurbished garages and basements. THey usually seat 35 to 60 people, no more, and are usually closed all year except during the three weeks of the theatre festival in July. This one is an exception in that they still run workshops and a few shows off season, on a very casual basis.

Haddock said...

Europe is full of surprises.

Thérèse said...

Une scene bonne pour les monologues:genre Mussolini au balcon! La rue n'a peut-etre pas assez de recul.

nathalie said...

Thérèse, la rue n'a en effet aucun recul, elle est très étroite. On a la scène mais pas de place pour le public !

Anonymous said...

very striking
with the blue sky

you have a marvelous eye, nathalie

× × ×


Jilly said...

Absolutely. Isn't this just fabulous. Adore the stone of Avignon and these red curtains.


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