Saturday, 18 August 2007


After more than six years of living in Sydney Australia, here I am back in Avignon where I lived for ten years. The old fortified city is familiar, I know my way through every back alley and narrow one-way street. How steeped in history this place is! Not a few steps without an old church in sight, an 18th century or medieval façade, a cobblestone courtyard or a roman tile roof.

But we'll approach the city slowly, like pilgrims travelling on foot. This isn't Avignon yet but Villeneuve-lez-Avignon, the long-time rival city accross the river Rhône. Smaller, quieter, more of a village really.

August is a wonderful time to rediscover the region. Warm summer days, balmy nights, flowers everywhere, grapes hanging from the vines shading the façades and blue shutters closed to keep the afternoon heat out: this is Provence, France's south, at nap time. The streets are empty, all shops closed, only a tourist like me would be out in the sun at that time of day!

This first post will set the pace. This is no Avignon Daily Photo, the rhythm will be slower.
This is le Midi, the South, where doing anything with haste is considered bad taste. Here we will stroll rather than run. Take your time to look at my photos, and when you come back in a few days we'll cross the bridge to Avignon. I hope that those of you who enjoyed seeing Sydney through my eyes enjoy this new blog just as much. Welcome!


lasiate said...

pour trouver l'orang otan de tes reves , ca va pas etre facile en Avignon

Anonymous said...

J'ai hate de voir les photos d'Avignon, tellement different de Sydney ou je suis toujours et grelotte, enfin je vais voir les snow gums de plus pres ce weekend, moi aussi j'adore les couleurs du tronc qui contraste avec la neige, bonne chance a Avignon, est-ce donc un retour aux sources?

Jilly said...

Oh Nathalie, brilliant! Welcome back to France and am so happy you will be posting photographs of Avignon. And what a beginning - these are simply beautiful.

To answer your questions: yes, the Isabella is the Isabella of Naples DP and I really hope I can get to visit her next year.

And hopefully to meet you sometime.

Look forward to your next posting.

Jilly x

ruth said...

Dear Nathalie, I saw your comment at rauf's and ran over! It's grand to have you back, to see your glorious photos again, and now to visit you in FRANCE! What a dream, to live where you are. I am in love with your idea to approach slowly, in the pace of the region, brilliant. Each picture is gorgeous, showing me just what I want to see (which is everything). Oh, I'm so happy!

My god, to live in southern France and be so close to Aix, Arles, Marseille, all those hilly towns. I've never been, so I am glad for your close-up views.


ruth said...

Once my family and I were in Cyprus, and we were the only idiots out walking at mid-day. Everyone was in their little house courtyards, napping and lounging in their underwear.

richard said...

This first post - c'est superbe. Vous avez été perdu, et maintenant êtes trouvé

Janet said...

bienvenue dans la mère patrie mais comme les billets australiens vont me manquer!

CaBaCuRl said...

This little tantalising taste leaves me wanting to see more of this beautiful part of the world.And such a contrast to Sydney,too.

Bleeding Orange said...

J'espère que ton retour en France se passe bien. Contente de te retrouver en photos. Avignon est une très belle ville, j'ai hate de découvrir tes images.

petitlouis said...

Superbes clichés méridionaux ! Belle ambiance.

Sally said...

Welcome back Nathalie - sounds like things are going really well with your re-settlement. Will follow your adventures very keenly, and have bookmarked you.

Oh, and don;t forget to let me know if you are visiting Sydney!


delphinium said...

Avignon est un peu plus près de chez moi que Sydney. Mais je vous fais confiance pour m'en faire découvrir tous les moindres recoins. J'espère que votre arrivée s'est bien passée et j'avoue être contente de vous retrouver. Vivement la suite!

Wendy said...

"There's no place like home". Lovely photos - I like the way they are framed in archways.

Spica said...

Alors voilà le nouveau blog maintenant que tu es rentrée... Bon, ben j'ajoute la nouvelle adresse à mon agrégateur. Tu as l'air bien partie pour continuer les jolies photos... Vivement qu'on traverse le pont (en dansant, j'imagine ?)...

Anonymous said...

Nathalie, welcome back and am so happy you will be posting photographs of Avignon. What you posted are beautiful.

DS2944 said...

Welcome to France Nathalie !

et de bon débuts déjà avec cette compo vigneronne et son numéro en fronton

Par contre pour l'été ... c'est moins bien qu'en Australie non ? ;-)

MedaM said...

What beautiful photos! If only these old walls could speak! Wonderful!

Thib said...

Jolie transition, Nathalie ! La dernière photo de SDS est la première de AIP ! Bien vu !

Je passe souvent à Avignon, mais sans m'arrêter. Je sens que tes photos vont m'inciter à ralentir !!

hpy said...

Comme cela donne envie de venir flaner dans les rues d'Avignon, en prenant son temps, en s'arrêtant de temps en temps devant une maison, de regarder tout autour, et puis repartir.

claude said...

Contente de te retrouver sur un blog et plus particulièrement en france et dans notre bon midi. Quand tu étais à Sydney nous avions droit à l'anglais traduit en français et là je suis un peu déçue car tout ton post est en anglais !

Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...

Bon retour dans la mère patrie...le voyage ne t'a rien fait perdre de ton talent. Les photos sont toujours aussi somptueuses.

Bonne installation

Bergson said...

Traverser la moitié du monde pour photographier un pont?

JohnnyParsons said...

I am totally green with envy. I'd love to move to Avignon. You are so lucky!! Good luck on your transition. Johnny

Peter said...

Welcome "back"!
I have some very personal memories from Avignon, especially from the "pont", so I look forward to see it again!
You are right: Take it easy!

Cergie said...

Ah ! Nathalie, ça me plait de passer ce porche pour arriver chez toi !

Cependant tu dis que ce n'est pas un daily, j'aurais souhaité que ton nouveau blog parle plus de Nathalie et moins d'Avignon

Que deviens tu ?
Qu'est Nathalie en France devenue ?
As tu trouvé à te loger ?
Tout simplement es tu à Avignon ou bien fais tu des allées et retours un peu partout en France ?

Je te comprends en ce qui concerne le rythme,pour le moment le mien est assez enlevé car je rentre et je repars, mais moins de messages, c'est bien
Car il y a les messages, il y a aussi les visites aux amis.
Un vrai travail dur à concilier avec des moments comme tu vis en ce moment, de recherches, de transition, heureusement tu es dans un coin que tu connais

Et ne te fais pas de soucis, tu sais bien que la grisaille mi-figue mi-raisin (deux fruits ensoleillés) n'est pas pour ton nouveau cadre de vie !
Que dirais tu si tu habitais Cergy !!!!

Bon retour parmi nous en France en tout cas...

Maxime said...

Tu arrives à la bonne époque. Les raisins sont bientôt murs, et l'automne approche, avec ses merveilleuses couleurs - ton deuxième automne de l'année !

Hyde DP said...

A great start to your new blog.

Olivier said...

Salut Nathalie, content de te revoir dans le monde merveilleux de la blogesphere. Maintenant que tu es en France, plus de version Française ;o))). Tu commences fort, j'adore la premiere photo, cette cour interieure. Bonne continuité et champagne pour la naissance du petit

M.Benaut said...

Ripper !!
I have found you again.
Australia is not the same without you, dear friend.
We missed your wit and mischief. Now we can enjoy your new life at a slightly slower pace, in beautiful France.
If you need a hand with the language, just let me know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I absolutely love the last photo of the blue door with grape vines hanging on top of it.

This is what I imagined living in Provence is like.

Mme Benaut said...

Such a contrast Nathalie - Sydney and Avignon! I can see why you decided to return "home". Like M.B, I shall enjoy your new life through photos and your delightfully readable depictions. Thank you for returning to us.

Sonia said...

Wonderful photos, wonderful place!

M.Benaut said...

I can't resist.
You seem to have found perfection.
The beauty of Avignon and all it's history..
Words can do no justice...

And you probably can drive a car like you were no longer on a racetrack...

Néanmoins, nous sommes très tristes que vous soyez allé de la terre où vous étiez avez aimé tellement

Z said...

Changes, good changes! I'll bookmark your site for sure.

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

I'm absolutely out of time but I don't want to let pass over your really first photo from Avignon. "Very welcomed" back in your country and in Europe. I'm really happy to have chance to see how you will show us Avignon !!!

Keith said...

I was wondering when and where you would resurface on the net and it is good to see that I haven't missed much :)
have bookmarked the new blog and look forward to your Guided tour of Avignon

Matthieu said...

Bienvenue en Avignon. Je te souhaite de réaliser une bonne installation.
Tes lecteurs ne manqueront pas de suivre tes pas dans l'hémisphère nord.

Norman said...

Gosford T/M will never be the same without you, Nathalie. Lara isn't coming as regularly now, and I'm probably not renewing for reasons you'll understand. Arthur is quite despondent at the thought of being left alone, which is the only reason I've hung on this long.

Best wishes for life in beautiful Avignon; and I hope the baby of the family survives the disasters of the education system there with the same aplomb the twins showed in handling the NSW educational quagmire.

Kim said...

Nathalie, I've just finished reading every word and looking at every photo, and I've come to this, your first post from Avignon. It is such a perfect photo for me. I've fallen in love with your city, and I very much look forward to seeing more of it through your lens and magical wit, my friend. I am wishing you well as you continue to settle into life in your old town. I was happy to read of your daughter's favorable introduction to school there and I wish you all much happiness in this magical place of blue shutters, ancient walls, and old vines. Just this photo makes me want to come there. . .
Seattle Daily Photo

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