Monday, 12 January 2009

Snow in the country

near Les Vignères
While most of the snow has now disappeared from Avignon's town centre, I was surprised when I took a walk on Saturday morning to see how much of it had been retained in the country. Not that it's very thick (less than ten centimetres) but the cold air and frozen soil have helped keep a lovely white coat on orchards and back roads leading to isolated farms. Beautiful.

Presque toute la neige a maintenant disparu du centre ville mais j'ai été étonnée, en allant me promener samedi matin, de voir à quel point elle avait bien tenu dans la campagne. La couche n'est pas bien épaisse (moins de dix centimètres) mais l'air très froid et le sol gelé on permis de maintenir un joli manteau blanc sur les les vergers et les petites routes qui desservent les fermes isolées. Magnifique.


Kris said...

Although they are all fine images, that first one is lovely.

Julie said...

As soon as they opened up, Nathalie, I heard troika bells ringing from THAT 60s film.

Wonderful images of the countryside that we deprived Australians don't experience - as you full well know!

Cushyco said...

Lovely is the word that comes to mind - lovely photo, lovely snow, lovely to go walking there.

Olivier said...

j'adore la première photo, contrasme des couleurs. C'est beau la neige et cela attire le photographe.

Peter said...

Ce n'est pas la Finlande (ou la Suède), mais c'est tout comme! Tu as bien fait de faire ces photos rapidment; la neige va probablement moins tenir que la bas! Ou...?

Bergson said...

des fruits givrés pour le dessert !!

As tu fait quelques glissades ?

Adam said...

Much nicer snow than in Paris where it's a kind of grey colour! The birds can't be too hungry down there if they've left those juicy berries through all this freezing weather!

nathalie in avignon said...

Oh oui, quelques glissades bien sûr. Mais je n'avais pas de gants pour faire un bonhomme de neige et franchement j'ai regretté !

Babooshka said...

I envy your snowy scenes. Adore the close up berries.

Irina said...

The top photo is just great! And the middle one.. well, it looks so Russian..

Virginia said...

La neige,,,, my new French word! HA These are just lovely Nathalie. Your snow photos have all been outstanding. Love the berry macro but the countryside ones are special as well.

claude said...

C'est curieux, je t'ai vue très peu habillée sous le soleil ! Ah oui, mais c'était en septembre!
En janvier ce n'est pas la même chose, même à Avignon.

Jilly said...

Nathalie, my goodness, this series of snow photographs are totally stunning. I know about that wind. It blew for 9 days when I arrived in Avignon from Oz. I had to hold onto lampposts to stand up, so am not surprised it blew snow of the trees.

Your shots are absolutely superb.

Ruth said...

Ah,look at that. Like home - and not.

I love winter. The crabapples (?) are so pretty there!

Abraham Lincoln said...

I really like these photos. I am drawn to the two showing grape vines staked up. I think that is what they are. Nice, really nice pictures.

Rose of Sharon bloom
Morning Glory bloom
Hawk stalks and kills sparrow
Drunk bumblebees

lynn said...

Beautiful, Nathalie. I expecially like the track ones, with the tyre marks. I can imagine the fun of driving on that packed ice, with no real damage to crash into! Though I suppose, going down that ditch would be bad. Eek. So glad you still have snow lucky thing. Ours is all gone, we didn't have quite as much as you I think.

Dorothée said...

Coucou Nathalie,

Ce petit saut chez toi pour te souhaiter une tres bonne et heureuse annee 2009.
Voila un surprenant et joli tapis blanc que quelques fuits rouges resistants admirent du haut de leur branche gelee!

Actuellement en plein demenagement, j'espere etre de retour sur mon blog et reprendre mes tournees, courant fevrier.
A bientot!

vera said...

soleil et neige valent bien trompettes bien embouchées! et fruits sous la neige,confiture de printemps ? bon, le pont d Avignon sou lequel on patine? des rues presque praguoises.. on s y croirait! et meme dans le sud, le manteau noir! aiai!! vive les fruits orangers pommelés fantaisie!

Leena said...

Looking at these your photos is so confusing, they are from the southern France from the place of Nathalie - not from the place of Leena :) But they could be - almost.

Did somebody talk about the Global Warming - I have not seen it nowadays :)
I could talk now, because we have had two days + 4 C - in January, awful!!

Thank you for your video card, I was laughing and surely I will show it to Melli ( she is now 1 year 5 months )
Nice week to you!

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