Saturday, 28 June 2008

Butterfly kiss

Vallon de l'Aiguebrun
Southern White Admiral (Azuritis Reducta) on my arm last Sunday on a walk in l'Aiguebrun valley, east of Avignon. He stayed there for over ten minutes; he seemed to be drinking my sweat, it was so hot! His wings are chipped and faded but had he been younger they would have been a shiny blue-black. Since I was impeached, I passsed my camera to my friend Elisabeth who took the photos.
I don't know much about butterflies so I sent my photo for identification to Richard Gonzalez, a committed environmentalist whose beautiful photoblog is an inspiration to me. Thanks for your kind help, Richard.
Avignon photos - Souther White Admiral - Azuritis Reducta - Sylvain Azuré
Sylvain Azuré (Azuritis Reducta) posé sur mon bras lors d'une petite randonnée dimanche dernier dans le vallon de l'Aiguebrun, à l'est d'Avignon. Ses ailes sont bien usées : plus frais, il aurait montré de très jolis reflets bleu nuit. Il est resté là plus de dix minutes ; j'avais l'impression qu'il buvait ma sueur, il faisait si chaud ! Comme je n'osais plus bouger, j'ai passé mon appareil photo à mon amie Elisabeth.
Je ne m'y connais guère en papillons, alors pour identifier celui-là j'ai fait appel à Richard Gonzalez, auteur d'
Avant la lettre, un blog magnifique qui marie de très belles photos à des réflexions sur la protection de l'environnement, la biodiversité et le monde en général. Photographe talentueux, écologiste engagé, Richard me montre comment ne pas bloguer idiot
. Merci pour ton aide, Richard.

Avignon photos - Southern White Admiral - Azuritis Reducta - Sylvain Azuré


Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Quel beau tatouage éphémère !

rauf said...

When you chase butterfies they keep flying away from you. So stop chasing sit in one place they'll come and sit on your arm.
That is the lesson i get from your picture.

You seem to be a terrific host Nathalie. And obviously you are sweet.
yes yes says the butterfly.

And i thank your friend Elisabeth for taking these lovely pictures. Hope you and your lovely daughter are doing fine, i still do not know her name.

claude said...

Sympathique comme visite sur ton bras ! Ils sont si rares les papaillons. Tu as raison, ses ailes sont un peu usées. Le plus répendu ici est le paon de jour qui à l'automne entre dans les maisons pour y mourir. J'ai devant les yeux la petite collection de mon Chéri dans laquelle il y a de magnifiques spécimens. Bon week-end Nathalie !

Dina said...

There is something very moving and beautiful about this scene. Ten minutes!

Anonymous said...

Are both your images of the same flutterby? I love the 2nd one: he probably regards you as an immensely hairy person!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with any living creature who is slightly chipped and fading. I stand testament to that!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Julie, it is the same butterfly - the colours are very different on the inside and outside, aren't they?

Oui Julie, il s'agit bien du même papillon sur les deux photos : le dessous des ailes est très différent du dessus, n'est-ce pas ?

Anonymous said...

BTW, I love the word flutterby...

Anonymous said...

When I had garden the same happend to me, It seems they like to stick on skin.

Mississippi Nature said...

Those are great shots. Here by way of Sitka.

Dina said...

Hi again Nathalie. I added a video of the Jerusalem bridge party for you. From You Tube:

Thanks for alerting me to the need of it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful butterflies. We have had a few but nothing so far like last summer. Some of the flowers they feed on are not open and some they like are just coming up. So I suspect it will be a bit later this year.

Chuck Pefley said...

Elisabeth made very compelling images during your impeachment.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture, great composition, I love the shadows. Bravo!

M.Benaut said...

Seems the Aussie suntan lasts forever ?

Un beau papillon, mais le bras est parfait !

MmeBenaut said...

I agree with my husband; pretty arm Nathalie. This butterfly was definitely in the right place at the right time.
My children (step) always called them "flutter by s".

Olivier said...

tu as un très beau tatouage. très poétique

Pod said...

perhaps he can be our page boy?

Anonymous said...

Oh Pod what a sweet idea. Yes yes yes yes!

Anonymous said...

Le premier me fait penser au test de Rorschach avec les taches d'encre :)

Jolies photos!

Anonymous said...

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