Monday, 20 August 2012

Sieste crapuleuse

Hot nap. Last Friday our weather forecast bureau issued for a large part of France a heat wave warning which is due to last until Wednesday at least. The best thing to do in the hot hours of the day is to find a cool(ish) shaded place and not move for several hours. These two got it right.

Siest crapuleuse. La canicule qui a commencé sur le sud-ouest il y a trois jours et qui s'est étendue jusqu'à chez nous le week-end dernier est annoncée comme devant durer jusqu'à mercredi. Aux heures les plus chaudes, le mieux est de se trouver un coin à l'ombre et de ne plus bouger du tout. Ces deux-là ont tout compris. 


Tilia said...

no comment :))

jeandler said...

Carotte que ma grand-mère qualifiée de " bâtarde ". La filiation, punaise, sera-t-elle des bâtards ? !

Peter Olson said...

I also tried some macros on my post today, but now I feel a bit ashamed... :-)

Collart Thierry et Marcia said...

C'est vrai que les corps ont tendance à rester coller ces jours-ci... Mieux vaut bien choisir sa ou son partenaire... :-)

Bob Crowe said...

C de Q said it was 37 in Versailles. I can imagine what that means for the south. We have shipped the oven to you. Normal summer temps here this month, finally.

The insects look like they have found the perfect resting place. It's a wonder that you could take such a close macro without disturbing them.

claude said...

Punaise ! J'aurais chaud, moi, à leur place, et j'en connais un aussi !!!

Chri said...

Une clim bio?

Thérèse said...

En plus t'en as trouvé de sexes opposés!

Anonymous said...

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Nathalie said...

I considered deleting the above comment which doesn't have the slightest relevance to the contents of my blog or this post however I will refrain from that for the moment.

The least I can say is I don't support this case. But maybe it could be a good opportunity to discuss men/women relationships in the U.S. as well as the Western world's greedy values. There are things that do need fixing in today's America.

But of course the attitude of American women cannot be dissociated from that of American men and if the latter believe that the solution lies in marrying a Russian or Filipino gal I wish them well! Their stupidity is frightening.

mirae said...

as well as the western world's greedy values-Nathalie please stop. haha.

It is the entire world that is greedy.It may look as if it is the americans that are greedy because America is wealthy. there are lots of rich resources in America.immigrants come to america to buy a loaf of bread for their table.lots of americans are living in poverty and dying homeless.and lots of americans are charitable.
but yes there is great inequality in america. you have luxurious material waste beside homeless starving in the streets.
but yes the greediness lies with the world. with capitalism that has no sense of morality and science and technology that has no sense of morality.
entire countries struggle for food and water while the rest of the world watches and does almost nothing.
industrialism and the greediness of countries caused two world wars.
every country is greedy and there is only one way to change that and that is to change collective consciousness.
technology and private enterprise are greedy war mongers
je t'embrasse.

Thérèse said...

Monsieur l'Anonyme a l'air d'avoir vécu une bien triste expérience!

Chri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JM said...

Fantastic capture!


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