Saturday 12 September 2009

Son et lumière

Palais des PapesAn event not to be missed: a free light and sound show at the Popes Palace ! There will be four shows in total over this weekend and the next: Friday 11, Saturday 12th, Friday 18th & Saturday 19th September 2009. The first was last night and I attended of course! The night was a bit windy but otherwise quite balmy and large crowds turned up.

Un événement à ne pas rater : un spectacle son et lumière gratuit au Palais des Papes. Quatre représentations en tout, réparties sur ce week-end et le suivant : vendredi 11, samedi 12, vendredi 18 et samedi 19 septembre 2009. Le premier spectacle était hier soir, j'y étais bien sûr ! Un petit vent frais s'était levé mais la nuit est restée douce et la place était bondée. After the show some of the spectators enjoyed lingering on and chatting on the square. The event was in celebration of the 700th anniversary of the Popes presence in Avignon, hence the dates 1309-2009 you see on the wall. More information here (in French). The show starts at 9:30 pm and lasts for 25 minutes. If you have a chance to go, don't miss it. More (great) photos of the event on my friend Michel's blog.

Après le spectacle certains spectateurs ont eu plaisir à rester un peu bavarder sur la place du palais. Cet événement vient célébrer les 700 ans de l'arrivée des papes en Avignon, d'où les dates 1309-2009 inscrites en lumière sur la façade. Pour en savoir plus cliquer ici. Le spectacle commence à 21h30 et dure 25 minutes. Si vous avez une chance d'y aller, ne le ratez pas. Pour d'autres (superbes) photos de la soirée, voir le blog de mon confrère Michel Benoit.


Michel Benoit said...

Glop glop.

Gunn said...

It looks fantastic. !!;-)

jeff said...

Bravo pour les couleurs Nathalie... Dommage qu'il n'y ait pas le son ! ! !
700 ans plus tard, que reste-t-il des papes en Avignon, mis à part le Palais, of course ?
Cette bâtisse est tellement imposante qu'on peut se poser la question de l'importance de ces papes sur le quotidien de la cité... à cette époque !
Mais voilà, un pape en chasse un autre et les temps ont changés !
Ce spectacle doit être splendide à admirer. J'espère que tu auras la bonne idée de nous diffuser d'autres vues !

Amitiés Nathalie !
Ciao...;-)... A + !

yvelinoise said...

Magnifique vue d'ensemble, une photo appelée à faire date ;-)
J'apprécie en particulier de voir la couleur des clochers des tourelles, ce rouge fait davantage ressortir l'ensemble.

Michel Benoit said...

Thank toi for the lien.
I have mis un too.

Virginia said...

What a great show! Thanks for going for all of us Nathalie! :) Gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

Chère Nathalie, c'est magnifique l'histoire écrit en pierre. C'est un match excellent pour toutes les belles couleurs transparentes.

belle journée

Unknown said...

ouch j'ai blessé mon aile.

Babzy.B said...

Cette mise en lumière, superbe !

Hilda said...

How absolutely wonderful!

Thérèse said...

Une si belle utilisation de ces lieux si riches en histoire!

Unknown said...

You know Nathalie I just had to return to admire this post again.It is really spectacular.

I read somewhere on the net, and I am sure that you have mentionned it in one of your posts that Avignon and the pope's palace was declared a world heritage site and that how remarkably well preserved this stone dating from the 13th century really is.

Truly Nathalie, this celebration in light is spectacular. And on a personal level, I come from a very catholic familly,my aunt was a high school principal nun and my uncle came two months away from being ordained as a priest but he fell ill.

With ancestors from France and Italie this is all the more poignant for me.I have travelled to Italy but not to France and to witness this light celebration through your vision is awesome.

MERCI chère Nathalie.

I love all your posts but really this has to be my favourite.


I hope you have a magical day Nathalie because you have put magic into my day.

Unknown said...

So what I meant to say was on a personal level this presentation means so much to me.

Unknown said...

and yes my grandmother was born just outside of Paris.

Unknown said...

I also enjoyed Michel's photos.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Amazing illumination of the Pope's Palace! The lighting effect makes the building appear quite theatrical, as if waiting for a Shakespeare play!

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Bonjour! Nathalie,

Merci, once again, for sharing such beautiful photographs...this time
of the... Pope's palace.

The colours in the first photograph almost make the palace look like a painting.

DeeDee ;-D

Michel Benoit said...

Tu étais donc rue Gérard Philipe quand j'étais à côté du Moutardier, puis tu es montée quand je suis descendu. Par devant l'hôtel des Monnaies. On ne doit pas avoir les yeux en face des trous.

kurara said...

Oh! Colorful Palace!
Caractors in Disney are appearing soon....?

PurestGreen said...

*dreamy sigh*

I love this blog.

Unknown said...

Bonjour Nathalie, now that I have had my say on this beautiful theme and magnificent photo of yours I would like to add a funny little word not related to this post but related to your site.

I find this to be quite hilarious!

Only yesterday as I was walking down the street I walked by the journal boxes as I always do and I quickly glanced at the headline that is visible to the passer by. sometimes I stop to buy the journal but sometimes not.

Yesterday the headline read, on the front page of my canadian journal of my large canadian city- the headline read--


and I thought to my self-hey what's up? that's a strange headline.

I thought I would wait until I got to my friend's house to read the journal that she always has lying around, then I could find out what this headline was all about.

This is getting long. I will finish in the next comment post.

Unknown said...

So I arrive at my friends house and I pick up the journal to read about the headline that states IT LOOKS LIKE A FUNERAL AROUND HERE and it turns out that the writer of this article has been a journalist in my city that reviews social life,night club life, restaurants. this kind of exposure.

Anyway he is telling us in a front page headline that he and his young familly is off to Provence for a year.Why wait for retirement he says.You never know what mishaps may occur he may not arrive ther. ha ha ha.

Now Nathalie, I have to add at this point that I feel the nature in our beautiful clean city is beautiful the urban valley- the park by the river, etc and I am sure everyone knows to admire the lakes and mountains and forests of Canada.

But when I read this line I burst laughing out loud.I had been following your beautiful ultimate fairy tale like country side in your journal and I thought wow this guy has been taken in.There he goes off to fairyland Nathalie's home! and truly Nathalie he is talking like he is on his way to Neverland where people never grow old. ha ha.

continued in the next section.

Unknown said...

WEll anyway Nathalie,he talked about the old stone houses in the beautiful countryside and I had found myself thinking in your journal-it is hard to beleive this fairy tale aspect ha ha.

Anyway I don't share his views that it looks like a funeral around here but I have to tell you Nathalie that I can see why he appreciates the beauty of Provence and to find this as a headline in my journal well I just had to tell you after following your journal.

Just to let you know chère Nathalie what Canadians are saying about Provence ha ha on the front page of their journals ha ha.

Gee Nathalie I wonder if he will have a ride in the fairy boat.He is going to write to us once a week to talk about his experience.

continue-next section.....

Unknown said...

He is obviously going to take a humorous approach to his writing well because life is funny anywhere in Provence and in my canadian province.

Anyway he writes about clearing out his old stone house that was uninhabited for quite some time.He admires the rich textiles of the region but he claims that there is a smelly old mattress. So he goes off to buy a new one at the market.

Now Nathalie, I find this hilarious because just last week I purchased a new mattress and I tipped the delivery man big time to take my old one down the street to the recycle bin which isn't admissible, but I fully realized that if I tipped him enough he would do this for me.

But I am afraid that my journalist friend did not have the same luck.When he asked the delivery man to take his mattress away- the delivery man replied-

"Monsieur, in America you can have anything you want if you tip big enough but it is not like that here in France. ha ha.

WEll anyway Nathalie,just to give you some feedback on what Canadians are saying about Provence on the front page of their journals. ha ha!

This was fun.
HUGS> from across the Atlantic.

Unknown said...

but then Nathalie, I do have to add that a lot of the enchantment lies in your sensitive beautiful photography.

jeff said...

Tiens ! Aurais-tu attrapé un virus Nath ! ? !...;-)
Tu vois des couleurs partout ! ! !

Diederick Wijmans said...

Fantastic! I envy where you live!


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