Sunday 13 July 2014

Beach boys

As a write, Germany just won the Football World Cup 2014 1-0 over Argentina.
As far as I'm concernend I just spent a great weekend at the beach.

A l'heure exacte où j'écris, l'Allemagne vient de gagner la coupe du monde 2014 par 1 à 0 contre l'Argentine. Moi j'ai passé un super week-end à la mer.


William Kendall said...

Sunscreen required, mind you...

Stefan Jansson said...

Been a few years since I last spent any real time sunbathing at the beach. But I can feel the warm sand when I look at that second photo.

jeandler said...

Un beau WE, joliment accompagnée.

Michel Benoit said...

Voilà la mer où
Il y a des mérous
Au sable amer où
S'enlisent mes roues.

 Bartholomé Roux

Anonymous said...

@ Stefan - I've never been into sunbathing either. To me a beach is a giant sand pit and playground as well as a chance to swim :) Nathalie

Petrea Burchard said...

With William's caution in mind, I agree: sunbathing is preferable, or at least more interesting to me, than sports. But, to each his own.


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