Monday, 7 July 2014

La Disparition des Lucioles

More photos of the display of contemporary art inside former Prison Sainte Anne in Avignon.

Some of the graffiti such as the one below are originals from the prison days. This one takes on a rather weird look with fire extinguisher and safety signs all over.

Certains graffitis datent de l'époque où c'étaient les détenus qui s'exprimaient sur les murs. Ce grand visage prend une drôle de tournure recouvert d'un extincteur et d'une multitude de panneaux liés à la sécurité.
Pour d'autres images de la prison et de l'exposition "La disparition des Lucioles, cliquer ici.
To see more images of the jail and the exhibition, click here.


Bob Crowe said...

I showed your posts to Carolyn. If we get into Avignon this trip we're definitely paying a visit. The second photo had a bit of the River Styx.

Nathalie Beaumes said...

Bob You can definitely put this place on your list of places to see when you get here. Knowing the kind of photographer that you are I'm sure you'll have a ball!

Stuart said...

I would love to see it too. Your shots are fascinating.

Anthony Muscio said...

Been there :)

Nathalie Beaumes said...

Yes Anthony, we were there together!


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