Friday 15 August 2008

Hat or cap?

Casquette ou chapeau ?

Cap or hat? We all know that the world revolves around this fundamental choice.
Which side are YOU on? (creative and humorous responses welcome)

Casquette ou chapeau ? Chacun sait que c'est là le choix fondamental qui divise le monde.
De quel bord êtes-vous ? (réponses créatives et humoristiques bienvenues)


Brigetoun said...

chapeau - mais plus depuis que je suis à Avignon à cause du vent. J'appartiens à une génération qui trouvait la casquette vulgaire pour une femme (un peu moins pour un homme) sauf pour la campagne. Et le chapeau là est fabuleux

melanie said...

Attention, le chapeau incite à jouer aux fléchettes.

Moi j'aime mieux la casquette (oui, même pour une femme !) surtout quand elle a une belle visière. J'ai essayé de soudoyer le placier du marché pour qu'il m'offre la sienne mais ça n'a pas ... marché (c'est le cas de le dire).

Chez nous, une casquette se dit "gobette".

Chez nous, comme partout sans doute, il y a des militants "multi-cartes" qui, selon les réunions, changent de casquette (virtuelle), en disant par exemple : "Je reprends ma casquette de conseiller municipal pour dire que ..."

Virginia said...

I realize that there is a vast difference in the fashions in France and the US. That said, the top photo looks like a hat that Doris Day might have worn in the 1960's in "Pillow Talk' ! Let's just say I am surprised that a man has on this chapeau! The gentleman in the lower photo with the straw cap looks ever so dapper and , welll....French! :)

Bergson said...

moi je suisancien ouvrier parisien alors

Dans les bals populaires,
L'ouvrier parisien,
La casquette en arrière,
Tourne tourne tourne bien.

Anonymous said...

Virginia I agree that it's unusual for such a hat to be worn by a man - and that's precisely why I took the photo.

Actually it's an unusual hat to be worn by anyone - male of female. Melanie says it's an incentive to play darts, which makes it a dangerous thing to wear on your head!

MmeBenaut said...

Casquette = what a fantastic word/mot. I didn't know what the french word for cap was before. I'm definitely a cap person, more of a baseball cap actually and M.B likes to wear his around the wrong way, a bit like Lleyton Hewitt (Australian tennis player).
What fun Nathalie! The hat in the top photo is an absolute gem.

Virginia said...

LOL, so glad you translated Melanie's comments. That's a good one for sure.

Thérèse said...

I love Virginia's comment!

Mais qu'est ce que ca m'enerve quand mes enfants emploient le mot "chapeau" pour "casquette" dans leur conversation!!!

Bon pour rester dans le sujet ni le chapeau ni la casquette n'ont encore attrape de coup de soleil! La casquette ajouree me plait, pour les couleurs du chapeau: chapeau!!!

Anonymous said...

I promised myself when I got out of the Army I would never wear a hat on my head again. And I have, once or twice. Straw hat once.

I did enjoy your photos.

Brookville Daily Photo

OMG OMG: said...

so many beautiful pictures here~

Pat said...

I never used to wear hats, ever. Up until three years ago when I underwent chemo and lost my hair! I thought buying a wig was somehow sad, so now I have over 20 hats, which I still wear off and on! The hat you posted looks good enough to eat!

Virginia said...

Oh Bibi,
I know you looked smashing in all 20 hats. I hope you are wearing them now in good health.

Jane Hards Photography said...

I echo Virginia Bibi.

All my hats are from France, and are very frowned upon here. Iwear them occasionally. I think the top pic colours are the funkiest, but yes the most curious is the worn by males. But just how chic! ould not be the same on an englishman. Marvellous spot.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Thanks Bibi for sharing with us the very personal reason why you started wearing hats. Like Virginia and Babooshka, I wish you many more healthy happy years of hat wearing.

Babooshka, all your hats are from France! How flattering for the French milliners!

Jilly said...

Of course I noticed the Old English Sheepdog first! I used to wear hats all the time, even in the show ring when I showed my Old English Sheepdogs. I loved outrageous hats in those days. Oh dear, I must have calmed down somewhat.

lately, just a straw hat if it's v hot.

For some odd reason I like seeing kids with a casquette on back to front - carefree somehow. Love the light on the man's face.

Kate said...

Love both hats, and I'm so pleased that there are so many different hats from which to choose. They're not only practical during hot (or cold) weather, but they're fun, too. Hats off to you, Natalie

Squirrel said...

It depends on the man but I prefer the hat in this case. I usually prefer the hat. this lightweight cap has nice style to it though

the baseball cap I am so sick and tired of seeing.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Normally I'd say, "Cap".

But just look at that fabulpous hat! :-D

Anonymous said...

I discovered hats rather late in life, but perversely I find them most useful for keeping the rain off. Much better than pulling up the hood of a cagoule which seems so restricting. This one wouldn't be much good though..

NB he is a bit of a Picasso look-alike don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Richard, LOL !


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