Friday 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas to all

Joyeux Noël - Merry Christmas !
If you are celebrating Christmas, may this special time of the year be filled with joy and kindness. If for whatever reason this cannot be a time for you to rejoice, my very special thoughts are with you. May the spirit of peace be with you.

Si vous célébrez Noël, que ce temps de fête soit pour vous plein de joie et de gaieté. Si vous n'avez guère le coeur à vous réjouir, quelqu'en soit la raison, mes pensées vous accompagnent tout particulièrement. Que la paix et l'amour soient avec vous.


Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Bonjour! Nathalie,
What very kinds words to share with your readers at this time of the year and equally kind thoughts.
I also wish and hope the same for you, your family and friends too!
Joyeux Noël-

Merci de partager!
DeeDee ;-D

Brigetoun said...

merci - bon Noël à toi


Peace, love and...non...ça sera tout !
Noyeux Joël à toi Nathalie, que tu le célèbres ou non, de jolies pensées pour toi !

Michel Benoit said...

Joyeux No Hel !

Lou Ravi said...

Que cela pétille et frétille, Bonnes Fêtes !

chri said...

And U2!

Julie said...

you have posted some lovely festive images for the holidays, Merry Christmas!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

It is truly a pleasure to be associated with you!

Drew said...

Peace, joy and happiness to you and your family Nathalie.

mire said...

bonjour chère Nathalie,

je joue encore avec les signatures de mais l'essentiel c'est moi dessous les lumières de mes signatures ha ha.

j'ai trouvé votre message touchant,que la paix et la joie soit avec vous aussi.

On a de la chance pour les jours des beaux repas la famille les amis la santé.

Que la magie de Noël continue toute l'année pour vous.

belle journée magique.

belle journée magique.......

Virginia said...

Lovely thoughts Nathalie. Would you wrap that up pour moi?? :)

Owen said...

Hi Nath !

Just wanted to say what a true pleasure it has been exchanging thoughts with you over this past year, Avignon in Photos was one of the first blogs I started really following as I began to explore in the blogosphere... it has been wonderful having your company over the past months. So many priceless moments... I thank you for that.

And I will never forget your remark about the dog with an incontinence problem... marking his territory forever, impulsively and uncontrollably. And so many other fine times, thanks to your curious inquisitive eye for spotting the odd and incongruous and fascinating in the world around you, even in the spoor of wild animals. And you have a talent for sparking debates, as the comment column has showed time and time again. No wonder you were chosen as a blog of note, for yours is unquestionably a noteworthy blog.

So thanks for everything over this past year, looking forward to another great year...

Happy holidays ! ! !

Chuck Pefley said...

Peace and joy to you this holiday season, too.

Michel Benoit said...

Comment traduit-on en français "no hell" ?

How translate in french "no hell" ?

mire said...

Avignon demandez au tarot!

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